Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Website

A well-designed restaurant website is a lucrative asset for your business that will bring in new customers while keeping your regulars up-to-date on your latest dining options. When guests visit your website, they can get an inside look of your menu, ambiance and services. You can also use your website to allow online ordering and take reservations. While a surface glance makes designing a restaurant website look easy, there are a few tips you should know to make sure yours stands out from the rest.

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Know Your Target Audience
It is important to understand what your potential guests will find attractive before you ever sit down to create your website. For example, a restaurant that caters to families will want to choose cheerful colors and a friendly tone. Alternatively, an upscale restaurant in a trendy downtown area may require a more professional style.

Focus on Simplicity
When guests visit a restaurant website, they are often planning within a few hours of their mealtime. They may also peruse your menu while sitting in the parking lot. Every quality website should have certain features such as an About Us page, Menu and Contact Form. However, filling your website with too much information can make it hard for your guests to find what they really want to know.

Choose the Right Colors
The majority of restaurant websites incorporate red, brown, black, white or green into their design. These colors can easily fit into most restaurant schemes and represent different things that you can use to highlight your overall ambiance. For example, white generates a feeling of elegance and purity, while brown brings to mind stability and tradition. If you decide to go with a nontraditional color, that’s fine too. Just keep in mind the emotional connection that guests may have to a specific hue.

Make a Statement with Images
If there is any area where you should go overboard, it is in your choice of photographs. Large, bold photographs depicting your best menu options are a major deciding factor for prospective guests. Try adding a few photographs to your menu page, especially if a name or description of a dish may be confusing. Remember, that every image you include should be appealing and generate an appetite. Desserts and main dishes are the best ones to focus on for attracting new customers.

As you plan your website, keep in mind that it is a modern form of a traditional storefront. Prospective guests will use it to quickly get a feel for the environment and potential dining options before making a decision. Typically, guests will spend only a few minutes on your site so make sure that it is easy to navigate while providing all of the facts about why your restaurant is the perfect choice.

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Great example of a restaurant website here.

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